Automation in Public Sector

Automation reduces costs and transforms public service

Automation is the public sector is expected to be the new normal owing to its huge potential to improve service delivery and revenue realization and cost savings. South Africa, although progressing well on this front, still has a long way to go. There is evidence from industries such as banking, finance and insurance, transportation and healthcare that have started adopting automation for better results. Automation is also growing in the public sector as governments are focused on efficient and improved service delivery.

How can Deloitte help:

We help clients achieve success by tailoring our services to their exact needs. We bring in trained professionals to execute and deliver. We do this using unique processes to help streamline productivity, improve efficiency, enhance service delivery and reduce operational costs whilst using best-in-class technology, enabling them to focus more on their core business, knowing they’re in good hands.

Our solutions include Finance and Accounting, Integrated Operations Delivery, Human Resources and Payroll Services, and Technology Enablement. In addition to this, we also offer highly specialised signature solutions such as the Integrated Management Office for Capital Projects, Source-to-Pay, Enterprise Supplier Development and Smart Real Estate.

What our experts have to say

Automation solutions help to streamline daily operations, and free up time for Public Sector staff to address the more important aspects of service delivery.
Lungelo Nomvalo, Director, Public Sector

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