Robotic Process Automation

The future of outsourcing as we welcome AI software

In the years ahead, RPA capabilities will be one of the most crucial considerations for selecting an outsourcing vendor. Companies have started including ‘RPA capability’ as a criterion while inviting outsourcing service providers. They are considering an onshore plus automation solution as a substitute to a purely offshore solution. They are also considering the compliance and productivity benefits of using robots over humans.

A typical software ‘robot’ is an application that has the ability to share and assist in the activities of a human interacting with a computer system. The software robot works on the user interface (UI) in a similar way as that of humans – this is a substantial deviation from traditional forms of IT integration, which have historically been machine-to-machine forms of communication created on data layers which operate at an architectural layer under the UI. After the RPA software has been educated to understand any specific process, it can automatically route transactions, work with data, initiate responses and collaborate with other systems as and when required. The technology is designed to provide an alternative to perform high-volume IT support, workflow and back-office processes (finance, accounting, supply chain management, customer service and human resources related processes).


Robotic Process Brochure
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