Integrated Operations Delivery

Supply Chain Management

Our people-and-technology-enabled Supply Chain Management offering is both economical and efficient. Extending across a number of industries, it provides custom-crafted supply chain strategies and managed services that seamlessly take into account the client’s unique strategic and operational challenges, enabling them to focus on their core business.

We offer end-to-end solutions, deep expertise and experience on a global scale, with access to global best practice and benchmarks, along with access to exceptional leaders who are experts in the field.

● Source to Pay

● Enterprise & Supplier Development

● Global Sourcing

● Contracts Management

● Inventory & Warehouse Management


Project Management Services

Our results-based approach allows for monitoring and enforcing compliance to ensure that the objectives set out in the beginning are met. This way, quality is optimised, delivery is timeous and costs are managed successfully.

Our Project Services business provides a range of managed project solutions aimed at the mid-tier market. Our compelling value propositions focus on project execution support for both capital projects and social projects.

Deloitte has one of the largest programme leadership capabilities in the marketplace, and is renowned for our critical involvement in our clients’ largest and most complex change and capital programmes. The ability to manage change is in itself a strategic differentiator, and we have developed a range of specialist capabilities and offerings that deliver successful and accurate outcomes for our clients.

● Project Management

● Capital Procurement

● Operational Readiness

● Planning & Performance Management

● Monitoring & Evaluation

Integrated Management Office (IMO)

Integrated management office has emerged as a new delivery system with the potential to provide better performance through more supply chain integration. This concept defines the level of success for the capital project being embarked on. It also ensures that the required amount of time is allowed for front-end planning and integrates delivery schedules (engineering, procurement and construction) with resources, technology and organisational processes requirements.

Key Contact

Lerato Sithole

Lerato Sithole

Supply Chain Leader: BPS

Lerato is the leader of Supply Chain Management, a BPS offering by Deloitte. Lerato has over 20 years’ experience in supply chain and has worked for both the public and private sector as well as State... More