Managed Solutions for Tax  

Managing compliance and tax operational risk through sophisticated reporting, co-sourcing and outsourcing services

As compliance and reporting is never a case of ‘one method fits all’, Deloitte offers compliance services that are matched and tailored to an organisation’s specific needs, and in so doing, reduces global compliance risk through progressive analytics and reporting.

Compliance and Reporting Services


Companies in South Africa and around the world are facing increasing pressure as a result of globalisation, increased regulation, and revenue authorities adopting a more sophisticated and commercial approach. Technology has also led to the demand for mandatory electronic filing. Companies are now looking for more efficient and effective solutions to a range of tax compliance and reporting challenges, demanding centrally-managed, single source and multi-country integrated services that will address the complex requirement they face. 

Through our Managed Solutions for Tax offering, Deloitte assists multinational corporations in navigating the complexities of the technological landscape, providing processes and management frameworks for optimisation of tax operation in a cost-effective manner that facilitates strategic decision making.

Our distinctive Deloitte service

• Deloitte has significant experience of designing, scoping and implementing outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions including developing in-house Tax Centres of Expertise (CoE)

• We develop scalable solutions with a flexible delivery model adapted to your business needs and scope

• We draw on this experience to advise on the most effective approach tailored to work best for each of your business needs

• We have access to one of the largest networks of global tax and technology specialists to leverage deep technical skills in local jurisdictions

• Use of leading tools and technologies to provide a standardized tax process and methodology based on leading industry practices

Compliance and Reporting Services

How does it benefit your organisation?


•       Greater visibility and control over tax compliance across multiple countries with real time status reporting

•       Standard global tax processes, information requests, data collection templates and tax work papers

•       Scalable framework for monitoring of compliance across different tax types

•       Managed & controlled distribution of tax data collection packages

•       Automated notifications and update reports for assigned tasks in related roles

•       Mitigating risk related to transposition and keying errors with ability to rollover data

•       Increased efficiency & reduced effort spent on tax reporting

•       Management of statutory and non-statutory tasks related to compliance of different tax types

•       Maintenance and monitoring of deadlines and due dates for each task

•       Assignment of users to tasks per legal entity and tax type

•       Dashboard reports with drill down capabilities to show overall status and urgent/overdue tasks

•       Development and collection of client defined data in a standard format across jurisdictions

•       Ability run flexible and dynamic reports on collected data

How can Deloitte partner with your business?

Regulatory bodies around the globe are becoming increasingly sophisticated in structuring their reporting demands and legislative requirements for business and multinationals. Transactional transparency is a concept edged onto every executive board meeting agenda, the demand for progressive tax technology analytics and resourcing models is greater than ever.

Deloitte provides the following tax technology service delivery models in the following areas:

•       Tax compliance outsourcing

•       Tax accounting and ETR planning

•       Cross border tax planning and business restructuring

•       Global trade management

•       International human resource planning

•       R&D Credits and Government Incentives

•       Statutory accounting and reporting

•       Tax Strategy, Risk and Controls review and documentation

•       Tax Process mapping across multiple jurisdictions and tax types

•       Tax sensitization of ERP / Financial systems and tax data warehouses

•       Innovative technology enablement for tax

•       Tax data analytics for account reconciliations, savings review and dashboard reporting

•       Short term and long term secondments of individuals with required tax technical skills

•       Secretarial services