Supply Chain Management

Product Offering

Our people-and-technology-enabled Supply Chain Management offering is economical and efficient, and it extends across a number of industries.

Our Supply Chain Management offering provides custom-crafted supply chain strategies and managed services that are capable of integrating the client’s unique strategic and operational challenges, enabling them to focus on their core business.

We offer end-to-end solutions, deep expertise and experience on a global scale, with access to global best practice and benchmarks, along with access to exceptional leaders who are subject matter experts.

Our results-based approach allows for monitoring and enforcing compliance in order to ensure that the objectives set out in the beginning are met. This way, quality is optimised, delivery is timeous and costs are managed successfully.

SCM service offering:

·      Infrastructure & Capital Projects Procurement

·      Procurement & Sourcing Outsource

·      Enterprise Supplier Development  Outsourcing

·      Impact Outsourcing

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