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In an increasingly globalised world, governments are keenly aware of the power that education has to affect social well-being, economic performance and enhance national competitiveness. These issues, however, are driving new demands for what basic skills are expected of learners. It is no longer enough to focus solely on essential reading, writing, mathematics, and science – citizens in a complex global environment now require the ability to engage in problem solving, strong communication skills, and advanced mathematics, science and technical skills.

At Deloitte, our practitioners understand the vital importance of developing a globally competent and equipped citizenry that can contribute to social development and economic growth.

The Government and Public Services unit works with all levels of the public sector to pursue five broad avenues of change:

  • Transform policy areas that weigh heavily on state budgets: education and health care
  • Plunge deep into departmental operations to become more innovative, more technologically proficient and more attuned to emerging needs
  • Effectively execute on bold government reform programmes
  • Cut costs, reshape expectations for public services and rebuild public faith
  • Generate jobs now, and lay the groundwork for deep improvements in our country’s competitiveness

Education Solution Services operates within the Government and Public Services Solutions business unit at Deloitte Consulting. This team possesses broad expertise in the South African education system; deeply understands the relevant policy and legislative frameworks; and bases our advice on sound research methods in education. We tailor our education solutions to reflect our values in:

  • The power of quality basic education
  • Legitimacy in the public schooling system
  • Strengthening valuable human resources in the education sector
  • Data-driven decision making
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