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Staying on track


With more than 14 miles of tunnels being bored directly under one of the world’s busiest cities, London’s Crossrail initiative is one of Europe’s largest and most complex construction projects. Deloitte UK worked closely with the team to define the appropriate set of requirements and select the best, integrated set of systems solutions.

As it moved from planning to delivery, the massive Crossrail transport project in London needed to show it could keep to its timeline and budget—especially in a time of government austerity. To do this, stronger program controls and reporting were needed. Taking a transformative approach, Deloitte United Kingdom helped Crossrail develop and implement a suite of program control systems that would provide an integrated, efficient, simple, and reliable toolkit with which to control project delivery. The system now provides an over-arching view of all the key elements of the project with quality data that helped Crossrail meet its targets.

Staying on track using effective program and management control systems
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