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How to work As One in government

How do you get the members of your organization to act As One? The key lies in knowing the applicable questions to ask about employees; finding the answers to those questions; and using this knowledge to shape your strategy.

Getting big things done in government — launching new programs, implementing budget reductions or achieving difficult agency missions — requires effective collaboration. Members of an agency, command, office, bureau or division should commit to a single objective. Multiple layers of bureaucracy and multiple levels of government should work in concert among themselves and with private companies and nonprofits when needed.

Before committing to a significant, transformational initiative, leaders should understand the culture of the agency or agencies involved. As One is a systematic approach to collective leadership described in the book of the same name by Mehrdad Baghai and James Quigley. The As One approach provides a rigorous toolkit for leaders seeking to achieve this understanding, and to achieve the desired results by transforming individual action into collective power, inside the organization and with external partners.


How to work As One in government
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