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Government Trends 2020

What are the most transformational trends in government today?

How is government adapting to the unprecedented changes reshaping our world? As it works toward becoming more integrated and intuitive, here are nine of the most transformative trends in government today.

In a world of constant change, governments will need to be more intuitive, to sense and respond to new tech-nology opportunities, social challenges, and citizen needs as they emerge. And to serve citizens well, govern-ments will need to be more integrated. Breaking down silos and seamlessly connecting and streamlining data and process flows are integral to finding new solutions, enhancing security, and creating personalized and en-gaging citizen experiences. 

Since our launch nearly three years ago, the Deloitte Center for Government Insights has been researching and writing about the changes coming to government agencies that will fundamentally transform government. Over the course of this time, we have published more than 100 in-depth studies, informed by our work in the trenches. Together with our horizon scanning capabili-ties, this has given us wide visibility into the major trends and innovations impacting governments around the world.

 The Government Trends 2020 report distills our re-search to focus on nine of the most transformative trends in government today. It is designed to assist government leaders who see the necessity for change and are looking for innovative ideas for the best way forward.


Key Take Outs

In this article we highlight nine government transformation trends and the 3 things they have in common:

•      Innovation accelerators

•      Nudging for good

•      Citizen experience in government

•      Smart government

•      The rise of data and AI ethics

•      The digital citizen

•      AI-augmented government

•      Anticipatory government

•      Cloud as an innovation driver


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