Government Trends 2022

How are governments striving to become future-ready in a post-pandemic world?

The Government Trends 2022 report captures ten of the most transformative trends in government today, grouped under three themes: Building resiliency, integrating for results, and government for all the people. The report distils extensive research on government, including what’s happening in the trenches and focuses on how governments are striving to become future-ready post pandemic.

George Tshesane, Africa Government & Public Services Industry Leader, has identified five of the ten trends most relevant to Africa.

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GovTrend 2022 Podcast Series

Climate resilient government

Faced with the adverse effects of climate change, governments around the world are prioritizing climate resilience by investing in infrastructure, societal resilience, and data analytics to predict and prepare for future disruptions.

Future proofing the labour force

Technology-related skills gaps are being exacerbated by the pandemic. Government agencies around the world are working toward bridging this gap by equipping people to adapt not only to new jobs, but to entirely different fields.

Linked-up government

The trend toward coordinating, collaborating, and linking up government through joint efforts across government, missions, and programs is accelerating. This can help them improve services and tackle wicked problems by enabling collaborative engagement.

Data-fueled government

As government agencies experienced the full power of data-sharing during the pandemic, they rushed to adopt the tools, craft data policies, and hire—or rethink the role of—a chief data officer.

New era of global public health partnerships

The pandemic has accelerated international partnerships to build early warning systems for disease outbreak, conduct research on disease prevention and management, and ensure equitable distribution of health care resources around the world.

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