Partnering powerful decisions

Closing the Infrastructure gap

Infrastructure and Capital Projects provides leading clients operating within the built environment with accurate, practical and independent advise across asset portfolios.

Vision. Partnership. Success.

At Deloitte we understand that private firms and public entities responsible for the financial and operational aspects of complex capital construction projects need a trusted partner to help them navigate resource challenges within their organisation.

Through Deloitte’s practical and proven experience our team of experts understand what contributes to successful capital project delivery and can provide the right blend of technical, financial and legal skills and local market knowledge to achieve this.

Our team assists in ensuring growth and development by:

  • Making the right case for investment by establishing robust project evaluation and business case development
  • Using capital effectively, efficiently & safely to optimise the capital investment portfolio and measure for success 
  • Setting our clients up to succeed by creating teams that deliver outcomes and maximise the value of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management (EPCM) relationship
  • Effectively Structuring, Funding and Procuring the project.
  • Creating and maintaining oversight and visibility keeping a watchful eye on time, cost and quality through fit for purpose processes, controls and systems
  • Delivering an operation not just an asset by supporting the transition from the build environment to operations, and assisting in managing and monitoring throughout the Operations Maintenance, Decommissioning and Rehabilitation phases of a project.
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