Case studies

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

The Government of Canada

The Canadian government engaged Deloitte Canada to work with them to identify how they could create “lean” processes for operations and administration within departments and agencies targeted for cost reduction.

In 2011, facing a large deficit, the Canadian government announced an effort to cut spending and increase efficiency via a comprehensive one-year Strategic and Operating Review (SOR) that asked more than 60 departments to propose cost reduction measures. Deloitte Canada assisted in the development of an analytical framework to assess these proposals. The framework greatly reduced the committee's review time and ensured that spending goals were met. The Canadian member firm also provided insights on best practices and offered an independent perspective on cost-cutting measures. As a result of the review, the committee proposed a range of cost reductions realized from improved productivity and performance, including savings from increased use of technology, standardization of systems, and service consolidation.

Reducing costs, increasing efficiency for the Government of Canada
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