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TUNAJALI "We Care" - HIV/AIDS treatment

U.S. Agency for International Development

With the help of Deloitte, regional and district HIV/AIDS care and treatment organizations in all TUNAJALI supported regions in Tanzania are now in a better position to reach and treat those with HIV/AIDS.

Tanzania's TUNAJALI "We Care" initiative —an ambitious USAID program—aimed to improve access to support and treatmens for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. But with many of the local sub-grantee organizations unfamiliar with USAID requirements and grants management, disbursing the US$82 million in aid would prove challenging. Deloitte's Tanzanian practice worked to design and implement a smooth coordination mechanism that increased the capacity of local Tanzanian institutions to manage program funds while planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating program activities and building technical capabilities. Due to the effective distribution of aid, more than 160,000 individuals have now been reached with home-based care services and 99,000 more patients have access to treatment and support.

Improving access to support and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS
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