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Shaping the future landscape of business

Effective business strategies are created with the expectation to bridge the gap between reality and vision, caution and opportunity. The true test of these strategies and the tactics employed to inform and implement them, is whether they stand up to:

• The unpredicted challenges of daily business

• Increased competiveness

• Shifting economic and environmental landscapes

• Times of dramatic and unanticipated change

Unfortunately, when crafting
and executing strategies, most organisations do not have the foresight to predict the:

• Trials and tribulations they will encounter in achieving their goals

• Value they will create, protect, enhance or destroy when operationalising their strategy

The value that Deloitte Risk Advisory Africa creates for organisations
is synonymous with operational excellence. We maximise the performance of internal business operations by identifying, predicting, resolving and mitigating imminent threats and obstacles as well as enhancing the value of these operations. Depending on an organisations’ specific challenges
and threats, RA will ensure that the road to operational excellence is
clear and adapted to the situation
the organisation finds itself in. Our approach is to develop customised value propositions and solutions for organisations, through interrogating, analysing and understanding the organisations information assets, policies, procedures, risks, controls, current and future strategic operational objectives. We do this through our five business areas in RA, that work in unison to provide integrated solutions unique to organisational requirements of any business.

Governance Regulatory & Risk

Regulatory risk, strategic risk, financial risk, legal risk, reputational risk, and evolving governance landscapes creates unique value through intelligent risk-taking.

Deloitte Governance, Regulatory and Risk allows clients to focus not only on risks that can threaten value, but also the risks an enterprise can take to create value. By adopting a consolidated approach to risk, incorporating Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management and Governance, organisations are able to provide assurance and insights to the Board and Audit Committee.

Deloitte Legal practices provide holistic business legal advice enabling strategic business decisions and offering cost-effective support for routine legal activities.  Deloitte Legal provides businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions.  We offer a broad base of legal services in multiple jurisdictions.  Our experience and global reach allow us to provide businesses facing complex legal regulations and challenges with personalized, tailor-made services.

Data Analytics

Many of the world’s leading businesses count on us for our insight driven advantage to deliver powerful outcomes and insights for our clients challenges. Data Analytics offers deep industry expertise, advanced science and a powerful analytics platform that underpins all of our solutions to our clients to reduce the risk of future problems.

Driven by domain and industry needs, the Data Analytics Service Area embeds professionals within each of the Market Segments to help our clients become analytics-enabled and serve their various information management, performance optimisation and analytics insights needs.

Through the practice of using data, analytical techniques and enablers to create actionable insights that enhance strategic, operational, and tactical decision-making for our partners and clients.


Fraud and corruption are on the increase both globally and locally and no organisation is immune to the threat.

Deloitte Forensic adopts in an all-encompassing end-to-end approach which incorporates elements of detection, response and prevention helping clients to react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute.

With our global network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution aimed at effectively managing Fraud and Corruption while delivering proactive advice to clients to reduce the risk of future problems.

Technology Assurance & Advisory

Technology Assurance and Advisory services assist organisations in mitigating technology risks in an environment of escalating IT security threats, technology outages, data integrity and quality issues, corporate governance concerns and privacy mandates. Organisation need to be sure of the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your information and underlying systems. This requires information systems that are properly deployed, monitored and controlled.

Cyber Risk Services

Cyber breaches are on the rise. With a corresponding increase in regulation, the threats to an organisation extend well beyond the particulars of any one incident.

Deloitte Cyber Risk Services helps organisations respond to evolving cyber and physical threats in a secure, vigilant, and resilient manner, giving executives and boards the assurance that its information is secure and under control.

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