Assessing cyber risk

Critical questions for the Board and C-suite

Key takeouts from this report

In this article we focus on the 10 must-answer questions that can help top leaders better comprehend where they stand when it comes to “secure, vigilant, resilient.”

  1. Do we demonstrate due diligence, ownership and effective management of cyber risk? 
  2. Do we have the right leader and organisational talent?
  3. Have we established an appropriate cyber risk escalation framework that includes our risk appetite and reporting thresholds?
  4. Are we focused on, and investing in, the right things? And, if so, how do we evaluate and measure the results of our decisions?
  5. How do our cyber risk programme and capabilities align to industry standards and pee organisations?
  6. Do we have a cyber-focused mindset and cyber-conscious culture organisation wide?
  7. What have we done to protect the organisation against third-party cyber risks?
  8. Can we rapidly contain damages and mobilise response resources when a cyber incident occurs?
  9. How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our organisation’s cyber risk programme?
  10. Are we a strong and secure link in the highly connected ecosystems in which we operate?

Download the full report to be able to identify specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as paths to improvement.

This report will effectively guide organisations in assessing their cyber posture, challenge information security teams to ask the right questions and provide critical information, and help consistently monitor and improve cyber resilience. going forward.

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Deloitte Risk Advisory Experts will assist to develop a mature and advanced cyber risk programme unique to your needs.


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