Blockchain risk management

Risk functions need to play an active role in shaping blockchain strategy  

Is your organisation prepared for the new risks posed by the introduction of a blockchain framework?

Blockchain is being viewed as the foundational technology for the future of risk management. However, as the technology continues to mature and many theoretical use cases begin to get ready for commercialisation, it forces the financial services industry to start focusing on a less discussed question: "Do blockchain-based business models expose the firm and market to new types of risk? And if so, what should firms do to mitigate these risks?" 

It’s critical for firms to understand that while blockchain promises to drive efficiency in business processes and mitigate certain existing risks, it poses new risks to the firm and market.  

In this paper we unpack; 

  • Types of blockchains and the inherent risks 
  • How to mitigate these risks 
  • Components of an effective blockchain risk management framework 

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