Competition Law in Africa

Maximising Competitor Advantage

Consumer Value Chain Spotlight

One of the key objectives of competition policy is to promote consumer welfare by encouraging healthy competition among businesses.

Africa’s consumer-facing industries are expected to grow by more than $400 billion by 2020.

This expected growth would account for more than half of the total revenue increase that all businesses are expected to generate in Africa by the end of the decade. It presents many opportunities for global entities and related value chain role-players in production, secondary processing, distribution and retail to choose Africa as an expansion destination.

This, coupled with the continent’s increased stability, tremendous economic growth, improved infrastructure and lucrative foreign investment returns by global entities, has resulted in a lot of merger activity, as foreign governments and international companies have begun to grow their African footprint.

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How can Deloitte help

Deloitte has developed a regulatory tool which, utilising data analytics functionality, enables a visualisation of regulatory universes, compliance risk management plans and our regulator matrix information. 

Information is overlaid to visualise the intersection of regulatory information with macro-economic information and client specific information, such as client revenues, staff numbers, competitor revenues and the like.

The information is visualised per country, and is customised for the client’s geographic footprint, and is specific to the regulatory universes and compliance risk management plans which develop as part of the solution.

The regulatory tool contains detailed macro-economic information which can guide decisions to enter or exit countries based on various publically available metrics. This allows a very strategic view of country, opportunity and risk and is linked to the regulatory content also housed within the tool. 

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