COVID-19 cyber briefing: Read the latest updates

A weekly look for organisational leaders on the most current cyber threats and trends

This is your weekly high-level brief that focuses on some of the most current cyber threats and trends as identified by Deloitte Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), with near-term recommendations on managing cyber risks to respond, recover and thrive through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

COVID-19 executive cyber briefing: 18 June 2020 | Anticipating cyber attacks

This week’s issue highlights more of the COVID-19 related cyber attacks that are impacting organisations and the remote workforce globally. From phishing to mobile malware, to targeting relief payments, cyber adversaries are leveraging lures that may prove effective regardless of industry sector, particularly due to exploiting public panic around the global pandemic.

As the attack surface exponentially grows in the era of COVID-19, threat actors are increasingly targeting an organisation’s weakest links—from its operational systems to its backup servers—often in highly sophisticated ways. This has opened the door to enterprise-wide destructive cyberattacks. To mitigate these risks, organisations must adopt new educational tools, technical solutions, and business strategies.

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Issue 3: 18 June 2020 Anticipating cyber attacks

COVID-19 executive cyber briefing: 4 June 2020 | Mounting threats

In recent weeks, several countries have begun to ease their COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Yet, amid the slow transition toward hybrid work environments that enable both onsite and remote work, pandemic-related cyber threats appear undiminished. Coronavirus-themed cyberattacks have now been confirmed in every country in the world. As this week’s briefing shows, targeted attacks are also on the rise—zeroing in not only on popular applications and platforms, but on industries across the board. With each passing week, the urgent need for heightened security vigilance, employee education, and a cyber risk-aware culture becomes clearer.

With no near-end to COVID-19-related cyber threats in sight, organisations are coming to realise that they must strengthen more than their security technologies and policies. They must also foster an organisational culture that reinforces their cyber risk management program. Ignore the ‘people component’ and employees can become part of the problem, creating attack vectors for bad actors to exploit. This further underscores the need to cultivate a cyber risk-aware culture.

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Issue 2: 4 June 2020 COVID-19 Global Cyber risks: Attack surfaces expand amid return to work-efforts

COVID-19 cyber briefing: 21 May 2020 | Supply Chains

This week’s issue focuses on the rising threats targeting elements of supply chain. With supply chains already feeling impact from the novel coronavirus including reduced operations due to social distancing, and re-tooling operations to make Personal Protective Equipment, additional disruptions from cyber incidents may have a more severe impact to operations. This week, we also  highlight the top cyber concerns that manufacturers should be aware of as they look to converge IT and OT across their operations.

Did you know? As many leading manufacturers raced globally to do their part to produce critical COVID-19 supplies such as personal protective equipment and ventilators, even new vaccines, they may become targets of theft or extortion by cyber adversaries looking to exploit vulnerabilities that could lead them to valuable intellectual property. The potential for damage in an operations environment can dramatically affect revenue and may shut businesses down completely.

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Issue 1: 21 May 2020 The rise of cyber threats to supply chains amid COVID-19
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