Cyber and Crisis Management


Cyber and Crisis Management

'Cyber threats have become a "life and death" issue'. – Tim Cook (CEO of Apple)

5 Essential Truths

  • Your information network will be compromised. 
  • Physical security and cybersecurity are increasingly linked.
  • Cyber damages go beyond monetary value.
  • Everything can’t be protected equally.
  • Your (fire) walls are probably high enough.

5 Immediate Check Points 

  1. Are you using techniques such as scenario planning, business impact analysis, vulnerability assessments to asses your risk exposure?
  2. How did you define the cyber risk management priorities, risk appetite and mechanisms of accountability for your organisation? 
  3. Do you carefully scrutinise outsourced relationships to make sure your providers have in place robust disaster preparation and recovery plans?
  4. Have you created a corporate-wide cyber mind-set incorporating awareness, training and education?
  5. Are you asking the right questions, of the right sources – typically the CIO, CRO and CISO?
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