The changing role of the Audit Committee and Internal Audit

Cybersecurity is currently a high priority on the agenda of Boards and Audit Committees due to cyber security breaches in high profile companies.

Among the most complex and rapidly evolving issues companies must contend with is cybersecurity. With the advent of mobile technology, cloud computing and social media, reports on major breaches of proprietary information and damage to organisational IT infrastructure have also become increasingly common, thus transforming the IT risk landscape at a rapid pace.

Key takeouts from this report

  • The role of the Internal Audit and the Audit Committee
  • A framework for Cyber Risk Management
  • The Board’s involvement – looking ahead

How can Deloitte help

Deloitte Risk Advisory Experts will support the audit committee in identifying there role in cyber security as well as assist to develop a mature and advanced cyber risk cyber risk management framework unique to your needs.

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