Five essential steps to improve cyber security

Building more secure, vigilant and resilient organisations

In developing a cyber security strategy, leaders should consider the following five steps to help create an organization that operates securely, that remains vigilant in the face of cyber threats, and that can show resiliency when attacked:

Step 1

Focus on what matters: your crown jewels and relationships – Understand critical assets and interactions.

Step 2

Proactively assess your cyber risk – Know what to look for and how to detect threats – whether conventional or emerging.

Step 3

Focus on awareness to build a multilayered defense – Develop a cyber program that addresses a combination of defenses for your organisation, employees, customer and partners.

Step 4

Fortify your organisation – Have a plan to patch holes, manage patches, develop software securely and address physical security.

Step 5

Prepare for the inevitable – Focus on incident management and simulation to “test your gates” and your response.

Experiencing a cyber attack is not a matter of if for your organisation. It’s a matter of when. And the time to prepare is now.

Deloitte can help. We know cyber security. We have deep experience addressing cyber security and risk-related issues in a variety of industries, and we’re up to date on the challenges that face organisations as they embrace cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies. From strategy to implementation, we stand ready to assist you with the steps you need to take to get on your way.


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