Global audit committee survey

Internal audit: Soaring through turbulent times

Deloitte’s 2020 outreach focused on board and audit committee members, with senior Deloitte partners conducting 1-on-1 interviews to address a formal series of questions as well as engaging in free-ranging discussions.

The survey collected insights from more than 60 board members, audit committee chairs, and audit committee members representing more than 130 companies (many members sit on more than one board or committee), from 20 countries in every region, including every major industry sector.

We canvassed both Fortune 500 companies and smaller organisations, those with innovative internal audit groups and those with more-traditional functions. While significant progress has been made in the Internal Audit profession over the last few years, changing conditions and rising expectations demand that more headway be made and quickly.

The survey participants’ insights, overlaid with Deloitte’s perspective, will have relevance for any organisation that could benefit from internal audit’s ability to assure, advise, and anticipate, a skillset more in demand than ever in turbulent times.

Global audit committee survey
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