Cyber Executive Briefing

Lessons from the front lines

This report focuses on seven key industry sectors that are prime targets for cyber-attacks. Follow-on reports will highlight the top cyber-threats in other major sectors that are also highly vulnerable. After all, the single biggest takeaway from the stories and insights presented here is that breaches are inevitable - and that no industry or organisation is immune. Your organisation will be hacked someday.

High technology

The high-tech sector is often ground zero for cyber-attacks... Read more

Online Media

The online media sector might have the greatest exposure...Read more


Telecom companies are a big target for cyber-attacks...Read more

E-Commerce & Online payments

As more and more businesses move or expand from bricks to clicks, criminals are following suit....Read more


Cyber-attacks in the insurance sector are growing...Read more


Manufacturers are increasingly being targeted not just by...Read more


Credit card data is the new currency for hackers and...Read more


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