Information Integration


Information Integration

‘Information is only growing in importance for companies. We thought it was pretty important fifty years ago, but now we're seeing its importance in the way organisations are aligned - or realigning themselves’. – William McKnight (Past Board Chairman at 3M)

5 Essential Truths

  • Organisation are distracted by the hype, and are confused about where and how to apply Big Data analytics.
  • Successful analytics is more than just using data and technology to generate insight.
  • Insights communication is often marred by jargons and complicated tables. The results are often ‘lost in translation’.
  • Implementation is restricted in silos. It lacks implementation vision or enterprise wide integration.
  • Act now to gain a competitive advantage. Now is the time to generate greater insight – single view of business.

5 Immediate Check Points

  1. Do you know what approach is being followed? Is it top down or bottom up?
  2. Are you leading with foresight by knowing what questions you need answered – the data must be integrated and analysed to provide those insights?
  3. How you perform assessments of your Data Governance Steering Committees in terms of addressing business needs?
  4. How are you determining the maturity of this function and do you plan on ramping up before its too late?
  5. Do you focus on having a single view of your business that matters most to you (risk, customer, controls, people, deal making and technology)?

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