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The challenges of CCOs, CISOs, CROs, CIAs and BODs

With today’s heightened awareness of the need for anticipating and managing risks in an evermore dynamic and uncertain environment, boards, audit, risk and compliance committees and C-suite executives are striving to better understand the broadest range of their actual or potential risk exposures and the effectiveness of their governance, risk, and compliance infrastructure.

For this reason, Deloitte Luxembourg has chosen to dedicate the third edition of their Inside Magazine to the wide range of professionals involved in governance, risk management, compliance and internal audit issues.

Indeed, governance and risk management remain some of the most compelling issues of our time and are firmly at the top of the agenda. This is not only the result of it being one of the most prominent features of the regulatory landscape in many industries, but is also simply because the crisis has shown that conventional risk management and risk oversight have failed in the modern world where risks (e.g. disruptive technological shifts, cyber-crime, economic trends and evolving business models, regulatory sanctions, instantaneous global communications through social media, etc.) strike with a much greater impact and at a much higher speed of onset than in the past.

As we all know, there is no way to completely shield an organization from the world’s uncertainty and turmoil. However, there is what we at Deloitte call a ‘Risk-Intelligent’ path. There are also ways to enhance value and manage risks that enable better decision-making and therefore maximize the likelihood of resilience and sustainable success.

Inside Magazine

In this issue


  1. The changing world of strategic risk
  2. Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value
  3. Risk transformation in financial institutions
  4. Corporate governance trends and challenges for board members
  5. Setting a higher bar for risk management
  6. Global financial institutions increase risk management focus and resources
  7. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software
  8. Business needs and market trends
  9. The pith and marrow of risk appetite
  10. Risk management within AIFMD for private equity and real estate funds
  11. Internal audit
  12. Trends and challenges
  13. Internal audit in an AIFMD world
  14. Single Supervisory Mechanism
  15. Trends and challenges
  16. Strategic balance-sheet management
  17. The quest for performance
  18. Basel III
  19. Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting
  20. IT implications for Basel III & CRD IV
  21. The European regulatory agenda on payments is driving major industry change
  22. Cyber security
  23. Time for a new paradigm


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