Internal Audit Insights

High-impact areas of focus for 2017

In any organisation, there are numerous areas where Internal Audit’s objectivity, perspective and skills can assist stakeholders and provide valuable insight.

Deloitte’s Global Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Survey revealed that only 28 percent of CAEs believe their functions have strong impact and influence within their organisations. This raises a question: Where can Internal Audit have the most positive impact and influence? Though the answers differ for each Internal Audit group, impact and influence increase when Internal Audit attends to areas of greatest risk, importance and concern to key stakeholders.

In this paper, we identify eleven areas of high impact for Internal Audit in the year ahead. It also explains why these areas are important to stakeholders and how Internal Audit might approach the area in upcoming audit plans.

  • Strategic planning
  • Third-party management
  • Internal Audit analytics
  • Integrated risk assurance/ combined assurance
  • Cyber
  • Digitalisation
  • Risk culture
  • Strategic and emerging risks
  • Sustainability assurance
  • Media audits
  • New ways of reporting

How can Deloitte help

All of these covered areas will not be high impact for your stakeholders and Internal Audit group but it’s imperative to locate the high impact areas. Deloitte can assist you with taking steps to develop or acquire the frameworks, skills, tools and methods that will enable you to provide insights, assurance and advice.

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