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Personal Data Protection in Africa

Business in Africa is expanding at a rapid pace due to a proliferation of investment opportunities on the continent. To effectively conduct business in Africa, organisations need to understand the African personal data protection regulatory landscape. Non-compliance with personal data protection legislation in Africa may potentially preclude multinational organisations from capitalising on their African exploits, by restricting their ability to transfer personal data to third parties beyond African borders, thus hindering business operations.

Key takeouts from this report

With the advancement of technological innovation and cross-border trade, compliance with international personal data protection legislation and standards has become imperative. Organisations with an African footprint will need to set the ball in motion as far as understanding their African personal data protection regulatory framework is concerned.

In this paper we look at:

  1. Understanding the African personal data protection landscape
  2. The comparison with the European Union Personal Data Protection Regulatory Framework
  3. Existing Trends and Aggressiveness of African DPAs in enforcing personal data protection legislation
  4. Potential Solutions for Multinational Organisations with an African Footprint to Overcome Compliance
  5. Considering the implementation of a globally endorsed personal data protection compliance standard: a GDPR standard
  6. Binding Corporate Rules

How can Deloitte help

Organisations should proactively address questions such as: “Do we know and understand our geographical footprint, especially within Africa”, “do we know whether there are personal data transfer restrictions in the African jurisdictions (and elsewhere) within which we have a presence”, and “are our cross-border operations legally compliant. Our Privacy and Technology team can assist organisations in answering these questions and in effectively structuring their personal data protection compliance programmes.

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