Getting GDPR ready with internationally certified privacy training

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, the useof personal information is increasing which requires organisations to implement measures to protect personal information as well as prevent cyber breaches and identity theft. 

Deloitte Legal is staffed with leading experts in an array of different fields, one of which is privacy, and data protection and has an international footprint. Thus Deloitte Legal is able to leverage international best practices from around the world, enabling our professionals to be market leaders in the space and assist our clients on the journey to being compliant with regulations through our key training programmes.

The Deloitte Privacy and Data Protection team is staffed with subject matter experts who are certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (“IAPP”), with which Deloitte South Africa has partnered to bring international privacy certifications as well as world-class privacy training to Africa.

Deloitte  Privacy and Data Protection Training Programmes

Deloitte offers a range of flexible Privacy and Data Protection training solutions to organisations which can be tailored in accordance with the needs of our clients.

Deloitte currently offers  data protection training in the form of:

  • IAPP training which provides international privacy certifications;
  • Data Protection classroom training for all organisations who wish to train their stakeholders ranging from executive training to baseline training aimed at all employees which a vast range of data protection regulations including  POPIA the GDPR and other regulations globally; and
  • POPIA e-learning.

In order to assist organisations to kick-start their data protection training and awareness, Deloitte Legal is offering training courses which are open to the public on specific dates in 2018.

More information on these data protection and sessions are below.

Certified International Privacy Professional (“CIPP”) and Certified International Privacy Manager (“CIPM”) Training

In order to assist our clients in getting GDPR ready, we offer the Certified Information Privacy Management (“CIPM”) certification which is the world’s first and only certification in privacy programme management and currently only conducted in South Africa by Deloitte. The CIPM is suitable for professionals who not only need to know the privacy regulations but need to know how to make it work and implement data protection into their organisation.

CIPM will ensure clients know:

  • How to create a company privacy vision
  • How to structure the privacy team
  • How to develop and implement a privacy program framework
  • How to communicate to stakeholders
  • How to measure performance
  • Understand the privacy program operational lifecycle

Through the CIPP/E training, our subject matter experts will ensure organisations know:

  • Introduction to European Data Protection;
  • European Regulatory Institutions;
  • Legislative Framework;
  • Compliance with European Data Protection Law and Regulation; and
  • International Data Transfers.

Training Dates

  • 07 – 08 June 2018 – CIPM  
  • 16 – 17 August 2018 – CIPP/E  
  • 11 – 12 October 2018 – CIPM

For more information, please contact:

Samantha Buchler

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