‘Compliance can be a moving target with constant regulatory changes in economic, industry, and operating conditions’. – Jane Taeger (Director of Compliance at Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc)

5 Essential Truths

  • Aggressive regulatory enforcement continues.
  • Ongoing uncertainty about new regulations and legislation.
  • Regulation is driving new ways of doing business.
  • Strong compliance effort, rooted in understanding regulations, can create a competitive advantage, focusing on upside to compliance risk.
  • Get ahead of regulation by embedding compliance activities into day-to-day business operations - regulatory compliance is not only of concern to the legal department.

5 Immediate Check Points

  1. Do you continuously monitor your compliance to priority pieces of legislation? 
  2. Are you proactively influencing legislative developments that impact on your business?
  3. Do you make it a habit to follow regulatory activities globally as these will become relevant in a local context?
  4. Are you responding to legislative changes before enforcement becomes a practice (e.g. Protection of Personal Information Act)?
  5. Are you integrating risk, compliance, and control activities with a focus on unlocking value?
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