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The Competition Lawyer

In this third edition, we shall focus on collusive tendering and provide a recent example of the South African Competition Commission’s clampdown on collusive tendering. We, at Deloitte Legal, strive to be at the forefront of Competition Law in South Africa by providing up-to-date and innovative solutions to our clients’ Competition Law issues, as well as keeping them abreast of developments in Competition Law as and when such developments occur.

This article covers:

• The preamble of the Competition Act
• Collusive Tendering
• Investigations into collusive tendering

How can Deloitte Legal assist you?

Have your staff undertaken competition law e-learning? Are you concerned about any of the aspects covered in this edition, particularly collusive tendering and cartel conduct? If so, Deloitte Legal is in a position to assist you.

3rd Edition: Deloitte Legal – Representing Tomorrow The Competition Lawyer
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