Work from anywhere. Cyber everywhere

How Cyber can help ensure new ways of work are productive, sustainable, secure, and safe

Insights for organisations moving beyond responding to the immediate crisis, towards strategies for accelerating recovery.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced business leaders worldwide to respond with
unprecedented speed and efficiency to new ways of working, new ways of innovating, responding, collaborating, transacting…surviving. Now, as organisations begin to plan for a post-pandemic world, they must ask themselves, “how can we make new ways of work productive, sustainable, secure, and safe?”

As COVID-19 spread from person-to-person, country to country, and beyond, Cyber delivered the integrity and availability of the networks needed to “work from anywhere” and the confidentiality to transact and transform with confidence across geographies.  For the world to continue to thrive in this new remote, virtual environment, even as COVID-19 wanes and surges in various regions, organisations will need to: 

  • Establish a foundation of trust
  • Adopt a “Cyber Everywhere” mindset
  • Embrace a culture of perpetual resilience, and lead from the front 

The impact of COVID-19 on organisations has created a symphonic opportunity that reinforces a new kind of leadership that prepares for such disruption, again and potentially again. COVID-19, for all its challenges, has also given us the opportunity to remould the new tomorrow. 

We will lean on Cyber more than we have ever before from education to customer interaction and transactions, from securing the supply chain to assessing cyber risk in a merger and acquisition (M&A). The responsible, resilient leaders of the future will begin to ask themselves a revised set of questions to help them thrive in that new tomorrow. 

Read more about those questions and how organisations can leverage Cyber as the enabler of building trust and resilience among their customers, employees, governments and communities both now and into the future.

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