IT Internal Audit Services

Business performance relies upon the controlled operation of information technology, spanning from a legacy mainframe through to highly advanced and bespoke web applications. At the same time, an organisation is constantly challenged with an increasing number of information technology risks, including security threats, regulatory and legislative compliance and unexpected disruption to system availability.

Management look to Internal Audit to provide assurance that appropriate controls are designed and operating effectively to manage these technology risks, both today and in the future. The IT Internal Auditors are best placed to meet this challenge.

The traditional role of IT internal audit has become dated. New risk and requirements of the 21st century require a rethinking of the role and a recasting of the department.

IT IA brings unique aptitude and perspective to the organization. But in many companies, these talents are woefully underutilized. Click to read more.

The Risk Intelligent IT internal auditor: IT IA takes flight.

The IT risks previously faced are now swiftly evolving and with growing confidence over the economic environment, there has been a noticeable impact on the ordering of the industry's top ten 'hot topics' since our last review. 

As Heads of IT Internal Audit reshuffle their priorities for 2014, discover which topics are now top of the agenda within the Financial Services industry. Click to read more.

Keeping sight of your business 2014

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