Cloud Transformation

What's your possible?

Why cloud?

Cloud is the technology organisations need to compete now, and in the future. It allows businesses to rapidly and flexibly scale, increase speed to market, and deliver continuous innovation. Organisations that are most creative and open to the opportunities that come with this transformation will be the leaders of tomorrow’s markets.

Why now?

The market is changing. Fast. The way we work today will be obsolete in just a few years – and in fact, what we refer to as “cloud” will simply be the way technology is architected. It is the foundation for how businesses build and deliver products, operate and orchestrate their people, discover new insights, and interact with their customers. Whether it’s Business Process (BPaaS), Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS), or Infrastructure (IaaS), cloud impacts nearly every data-driven function a company might have.

What is your possible with Risk Advisory?

Cloud Wars

How incumbents can respond to cloud disruption

Cloud computing and fast-moving, innovative start-ups seem a natural match. Yet some very large incumbents have been using the cloud to leverage their natural advantages in relationships associated with an existing customer base, capabilities and often considerable assets, and in-house data than can be mashed with information and insights from public sources. The “perfect” cloud organization may be larger than stereotypes would suggest.

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Key contacts

Samresh Ramjith

Samresh Ramjith

Africa Cyber Risk Leader

Samresh is Director (Partner) in the Deloitte South African practice where he leads the Cyber Risk business across Africa.  He is a passionate cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of experien... More

Wesley Govender

Wesley Govender

Cloud Transformation Leader | Risk Advisory Africa

Wesley is a partner at Deloitte in areas of Analytics and Cyber broadly. He held a variety of positions and roles over 19 years included running large scale teams 150+, P&Ls and being a Lead business ... More

Ryan Norris

Ryan Norris

Analytics Leader | Risk Advisory Africa

Ryan leads the Deloitte Analytics Offering for Risk Advisory Africa. He has lead teams that help organisations turn their data into management insight enabling faster, more informed decisions across t... More

Eric Mc Gee

Eric Mc Gee

Risk Advisory Africa | Cyber Risk

Eric recently joined Deloitte as an Associate Director in the cyber practice. He entered the cyber security space when he joined the BCX Group in 1998 at Nanoteq where he managed the security product ... More