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In today’s business environment, where organizations are beginning to realize the utmost importance of finding the right balance between financial, social, and environmental priorities, a carefully orchestrated Sustainability & Climate Change (S&CC) strategy is vital to long-term success.

A S&CC strategy is most effective when aligned and integrated with existing strategic initiatives, and coordinated with an intelligent approach to the related risks and rewards. Deloitte member firms help clients to successfully manage corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues. Deloitte’s global service teams have the experience and the subject matter knowledge in several industries to assist companies in embedding corporate responsibility into business activities wherever they operate. Deloitte supports efforts to deliver long-term sustainable value to the company and its stakeholders. In addition, Deloitte’s professional teams can help with best practice people management; assess business-related risks and opportunities; and help to develop sound and responsible corporate business strategies.

Risk assessments: The topic of sustainability is complex and fraught with uncertainty, and while the business impact of sustainability is real, most companies do not know where to begin or how to address it.

Risk assessments

Controls implementation: As more companies are starting to report on their climate change and sustainability efforts, effective controls around gathering, maintaining, and presenting relevant data becomes a vital part of a mature reporting process.

Controls implementation

Accounting, reporting, and disclosure: Sustainability & Climate Change (S&CC) reporting represents a way for businesses to disclose their corporate responsibility and sustainability accomplishments to investors, employees, communities, and other stakeholders.

Accounting, reporting, and disclosure

External assurance: S&CC reporting provides a credible way for organizations to publicly disclose their corporate responsibility and sustainability activities, along with their progress toward goals.


External assurance

Internal assurance: The S&CC Internal Assurance service offering is an objective activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s environmental, social, and governance initiatives.


Internal assurance

CDP Global Water Report 2013

Please download and explore the full CDP Global Water Report 2013 to discover how investors and companies can move beyond business as usual to achieve a necessary step change in water risk management.

In this report, CDP and Deloitte present results of the analysis based on the water disclosures of 184 Global 500 corporations that participated this year; a 60% response rate. Together, these corporations account for approximately 11 billion megaliters of water withdrawals per year, enough to provide 50 liters of water per day to the world’s current population of approximately 7 billion people for nearly 82 years.

Discover how to achieve change in water risk management

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Adel Melek

Adel Melek

Global Vice Chairman Risk Advisory

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Eric Dugelay

Eric Dugelay

Eric is the global leader for Deloitte Sustainability Services, fully devoted to this responsibility. Prior to this role, he was the EMEA leader for sustainability. In the past, he has led risk manage... More