Information protection services

Information protection issues present a growing challenge as organizations must interpret and comply with complex and diverse international laws and regulations on how they handle personal information. Customer and employee concerns over personal information and sensitive data have increased the reputational, regulatory, and operational impact of a breach. A proactive approach to privacy and data protection is now seen as a competitive advantage and can minimize the likelihood and significance of such a breach.

Deloitte member firms are experienced in helping clients understand the key factors for reducing exposure to critical risks and potential damage to brand, including help in the following areas:

  • Privacy and data protection strategy
  • Building an organization-wide inventory and classification map of personal data
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training and awareness
  • Cross-border data transfers
  • Data retention
  • Compliance with law enforcement requests
  • Building privacy controls into IT projects
  • Managing varied international compliance requirements
  • Audit and monitoring programs for ongoing data protection compliance  
  • Post-breach management and investigation