Crunch Time, too

CFOs talk off the record about Finance in a digital world.

When our organization does research with CFOs, we often uncover gold mines of insights. That happened recently when we interviewed 30 finance executives about digital finance transformation in their global businesses. Our initial analysis of those conversations focused on specific digital technologies, as reported in Crunch time: Finance in a digital world. This follow-up report provides another glimpse of what these finance executives had to say, this time focused on a broader discussion of finance and what it means to make the digital journey.

Key takeouts from this report
  • Digital is moving finance to be a strategic partner in all senses of the word
  • Finance has to be a step ahead
  • There’s a yearning for real-time data
  • We look at digital transformation as an end-to-end process that affects all parts of the company, including finance.
CFOs should be deepening their understanding of digital technology

Whether you’re focused on talent, technology, analytics, or any other topic covered in this book, the overall end game is often the same. Business leaders expect finance to deliver better insights faster, so they can make smarter decisions with less risk. Finance transformation in a digital world is all about meeting those expectations quickly and efficiently.

How can Deloitte help

Digital disruption isn’t going away. On the contrary, it’s going mainstream, affecting almost every aspect of every business we see—including finance. One way to stay abreast of new developments is to join in focused conversations with other finance leaders across multiple industries and geographies.

We’re committed to keeping those conversations going, and we welcome your participation.

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