Deloitte Millennial Advisory Board

A robust exchange of ideas, with millennials

The Millennial Advisory Board is a place for different perspectives on company-wide issues. It is a non-competitive environment that fosters collaboration and co-creation with young people, whose experience of the workplace is different from others.

We have heard it all before – millennials will make up 50% of our workforce by 2020 but they are disengaged in the workplace and feel like their strengths are underutilised. In addition, young people have a sense of entitlement, they are disloyal and they want free popcorn, flexible hours and yet still want to be a CEO by the age of 30. Is this true though? At Springage by Deloitte, our business is helping companies engage, understand and innovate with these young people, and we are on a mission to test some of these assumptions.

Key Take-outs:

Disruption is the new normal and at Deloitte we are inspired by the promise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Its acceleration of technology and digitisation across all aspects of life present incredible opportunity. Our Millennia Advisory Board team can help you form your own Millennial Advisory Board and get  your organisation ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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