Think like a futurist

The key to ensuring organisational success in an uncertain future

We live in a world of change, whether we consider the pace of technological advancement or political uncertainty it has become more difficult to perceive the future when critical decisions and choices have to be made. The trends and events that signal how an industry is evolving can be overwhelming, seemingly conflicting, and even paralysing, when taken on one-by-one. In part one of our Think like a Futurist series, we looked at the ten mega trends that the Center for the Long View team at Monitor Deloitte believe could shape and influence the future.

Key takeouts from this report

In part 2, we consider the importance of scenario planning in terms of enhancing an organisation's ability to tackle a diverse set of strategic business problems, many of which have become more challenging as the business climate.
Explore the report to find out how scenarios can provide us with a structured way of thinking and making strategic decisions.

How can Deloitte help

What is the impact of the scenario on your perceived competitive advantage or differentiator? What is the impact on your competitors? How should you respond? With your scenarios well defined, your organisation’s response is actually proactive, since it is applying action (through the decision or choice of response) to the plausible scenario before it manifests.

What scenarios will manifest in your industry?

In the following parts of our Think Like a Futurist series, we illustrate scenarios that could impact various industries, and the potential role the megatrends could play.

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