Carve Out & Separation

While divestiture activities can play an important role in unlocking value, these transactions often strain an organization’s resources beyond their limits.   Deloitte’s Carve Out & Separation practice focuses on meeting Day 1 requirements, positioning for stability after the separation occurs, and securing the strategic viability of the stand-alone company. In most divestitures, we continue to serve an organization following the closing date to ensure a full transition of operations and technology assets to the buyer or the stand-alone company. During this period, sellers may provide agreed-upon services under Transition Services Agreements (TSAs), which Deloitte may help structure , and they remove inefficiencies (e.g., stranded costs) from their operations.

Our services encompass:
  • Sale & Purchase Agreement Advisory (SPA) 
  • TSA Management
  • TSA Tracking Support 
  • TSA Testing 
  • Operationalization of TSAs
  • TSA Exit Readiness 
  • Carve Out Separation Support
  • Stranded Cost Analysis & Elimination Support 
  • Completion Statement Advisory
  • Day 1 Plan and Readiness

Key contact

Candice Raybourn

Candice Raybourn

Mergers & Acquisitions Leader

Candice leads Financial Services practice for South Africa's Strategy & Operations division and is the Client Account Manager for one of our OCEO FSI clients. Beyond which, she is the S&O lead for M&A... More