Customer & Marketing Strategy

Deloitte’s Customer and Marketing Strategy team helps organizations create executable strategies for growth and value creation, portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption. We help clients achieve organic, customer-centered growth. We regularly work with marketing, brand, or strategy executives who have a mandate for achieving long-term initiatives while pressured to demonstrate impact and return in the near term. We help them design and deliver customer insight-anchored change and growth in their enterprises. Our services center on three types of customer and marketing transformations: (1) growth and marketing, (2) marketing analytics and operations, and (3) customer experience and service. From strategy through transformation, we act as architects to identify and assess opportunities and design both the relevant strategies and the road maps to execute them, including helping to build and embed marketing capabilities and systems so that you can make informed choices and move forward with confidence.

Customer & Applied design

  • Digital customer transformation

If you want to know the best ways to drive and sustain business growth, look to your customers. And Deloitte. Our customer transformation specialists offer a range of services that can help you target new markets and improve the customer experience. We offer advanced analytics to help you acquire, mine and manage valuable customer data. Additionally, we provide complete CRM services and strategies that can help you improve lead generation as well as initiate, grow and sustain profitable customer relationships.

  • Customer Experience assessment, strategy, design & implementation

Deloitte helps corporate leaders create executable strategies to initiate, grow and sustain profitable relationships with consumer and business customers. We are recognized by leading industry analysts for providing our clients with actionable, results—driven strategic thinking. Plus, as the world’s largest professional services firm, we have the global resources and experience to follow through when execution support is needed. Our strategic services help clients achieve profitable growth in these areas: Customer insights and analytics; Customer experience; Brand positioning and marketing; Sales strategy; Contact center; and Multi—channel integration.


Branding, advertising, marketing technology & Commerce

The traditional marketing services landscape is experiencing a seismic shift as traditional research, communications & market activation activities fast lose relevance in the digitally empowered world. Brand owners can no longer rely on reactive mass-media messaging to attract or retain customers, and as a result traditional agency models are fast becoming expensive and low value relicts of the past.

As the world’s largest management consulting business, Deloitte has a distinct advantage to leverage real-time customer & market data to deliver predictive, targeted and high impact and measureable brand, marketing and customer experience strategy, design & activation. We call it “marketing before and by the moment”, and our unbridled technological capability, combined with our analytical, strategic and creative capability ensures that we create & deliver end-to-end high value customer & marketing solutions. We are probably the world’s best kept integrated agency & consultancy secret with services that includes:

  • Brand Performance Assessment
  • Corporate, Product & Services Brand Strategy Development & Optimisation
  • Advertising & Communications strategy, design & activation
  • Marketing Technology & Commerce strategy and systems implementation
  • Marketing capability assessment, upskilling and operational design

Digital customer

Finding and acquiring new customers while retaining and maximizing relationships with existing ones is an ongoing challenge for business.

Customer relationship management (CRM) provides customer-focused solutions to solve these challenges. CRM technology facilitates improved understanding of customer needs and helps ensure that these needs are better met. CRM also allows organizations to increase their customer base by recognizing and targeting the right customers.

Yet experience shows that CRM’s value as a technology-only process can be limited. Organizations can only realize the full potential of CRM when it’s implemented as part of a broad integrated strategy. Deloitte’s CRM teams bring together our customer-centric advisory services and our extensive experience implementing sophisticated CRM technological solutions to provide enhanced customer interactions.

  • Sales transformation

Our sales transformation capabilities can help organizations tackle some of their toughest challenges and get ahead of the competition. Whether the task is to develop a new go—to—market strategy or implement an innovative technology infrastructure, we can help clients in their efforts to achieve higher growth, profitability, market share and productivity – as well as increased differentiation in the marketplace. We offer services across the spectrum of CRM technologies – including, SAP, Oracle and others – to help facilitate the effective implementation sales strategies.

  • Service excellence

Our contact center advisory practice focuses on improving customer care, shared services, help desk, tech support and collections contact centers. These services are designed to make the most of performance despite the budgetary limitations that are often placed on these “cost centers.” Our professionals combine strategy, operations and technology experience from a broad range of industries and some have managed contact centers themselves.

  • Digital experience

Our services are designed to cover the spectrum ranging from strategy, to enablement, to operations. We help our clients create the experiences, relationships and insights which they need to be effective in today’s digital market.

Our team ensures that real business impact is made by making use of design thinking, behavioural insights and user research to create and humanise digital products, services and experiences that delight customers.

  • Can we add CRM – Transformation (

There are many providers that can help organizations make the transition to from a technical point of view. However, this isn’t a technology issue as much as it is a business issue and that’s where Deloitte excels. We make sure that your transition strategy accounts for all of the surrounding business issues that will determine whether the implementation succeeds or fails in the long term, helping your organization squeeze every bit of value out of your investment. Just as importantly, we know our way around the intricate details that make up the technical side of the implementation, from the application itself to the legacy systems that it typically replaces.

Key contacts

Veronique Filip

Veronique Filip

Sales and Channel Transformation – Deloitte Africa

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Louis Kruger

Louis Kruger

Strategy Offering & Monitor Deloitte Leader

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Joao Ferreira

Joao Ferreira

Associate Director

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Ica van Eeden

Ica van Eeden

Associate Director

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