Whether discovering the next big thing or expanding on what’s come before, businesses thrive and grow from innovation. Deloitte brings together a wide range of singular capabilities, tools, and people to help organizations create new sources of growth and prosperity.   Through a combination of design, strategy, social science, and technology, Deloitte works to unearth opportunities and spur ongoing growth that helps companies: 1. Set and implement innovation strategy 2. Design, build, and launch innovations 3. Become better innovators, through empowering organizations with the right processes, tradecraft, and partnerships to deliver innovation results Since 1981, Deloitte has pioneered the discipline of innovation and helped leading organizations navigate turbulent environments, helping companies solve complex problems that matter through a rigorous, interdisciplinary approach.

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Valter Adão

Valter Adão

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

As the Deloitte Digital leader, Valter leads a diverse team of specialists that create a leading digital ecosystem to assist organisations in understanding and undergoing Digital Transformation, uplif... More