M&A Strategy

Before even considering an M&A deal, your organization should step back and think strategically: evaluating external markets, competitors, and business units to determine whether M&A plays a role in your business’s growth or in securing strategic capabilities.

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Deloitte’s M&A Strategy practice can help you identify corporate and business unit objectives and determine whether those can be achieved through M&A. We analyze market opportunities, weigh different industry evolution scenarios, and identify potential acquisitions. As part of a larger business portfolio review, M&A strategy may also encompass divestiture strategies, whether an outright sale, initial public offering (IPO), or spin-off.

 Our services encompass:
  • M&A Advisory
  •  Portfolio Strategy
  • Strategic Review
  • Readiness Reviews (M&A or Separation)
  • Core Competency & Industry Analysis
  • Competitor & Market Reaction Analysis
  • Joint Ventures/Alliance Assessment
  • Target Identification
  • Tax Optimization

Devising a blueprint for delivering deal success around the globe

Mergers and acquisitions have never been more competitive or complicated. While this is true of all buyers and sellers, acquisitive Japanese companites executing ever more complex transactions within and outside their borders should place particular emphasis on arming themselves with best practice to make the most of the investments being made

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Candice Raybourn

Candice Raybourn

Mergers & Acquisitions Leader

Candice leads Financial Services practice for South Africa's Strategy & Operations division and is the Client Account Manager for one of our OCEO FSI clients. Beyond which, she is the S&O lead for M&A... More