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The key to sustained value growth today is a virtuous growth cycle in which you identify where toplay, how to win there, and how to future-proof your business model. With a 30-year history of helping businesses grow, Monitor Deloitte does not bring a pre-packaged answer, instead we'll work with you to design the best solution for your organization. Monitor Deloitte, our strategy practice led by Louis Kruger, will help you advance confidently and profitably. To solve complex problems, we apply many methodologies, wielded by specialists with deep industry, and functional knowledge.

Who is Monitor Deloitte?

The key to unlocking exponential growth today is about having a relevant strategy that identifies where to play, how to win, and the motivation for future-proofing your business model. With a 30-year history of helping businesses grow across the globe, Monitor Deloitte does not bring a pre-packaged generic answer; instead our team will work with you to design the best possible solution for your organisation. Monitor Deloitte will help you advance confidently and profitably on a continent that is fast-changing and complex, yet full of opportunity.

Drawing on the world’s most coveted talent we attract the sought-after and exceptional clients in our market. These clients are consistently attracted by the breadth and depth of our world-class expertise and position us as the undisputed leader amongst the global consulting firms, our unique methodologies and quality of service and delivery.
At Monitor Deloitte, we guide our clients through the competitive landscapes in which they operate and give them the ability to unlock their potential in a way that is both powerful and game changing. In Africa we operate out of 26 offices and understand acutely the local context of our continent and both the challenges and opportunities it presents. Our work is about inspiring and enabling clients to make the best choices, to understand their appetite for risk and to work with them to create future value.

What we do

  1. Corporate & Business Strategy
  2. Innovation & Growth Services
  3. Profitability management
  4. Actuarial & Analytics Services
  5. Economic Development & Competitiveness
Corporate and Business Strategy – We listen first
Strategy is about making the right choices and then successfully cascading them down through the organisation. Monitor Deloitte helps clients identify how to best create executable strategies for growth and value creation. We work with you to understand the risks your organisation faces and then deliver portfolio optimization, differentiation and disruption. We enhance your ability to adapt by exploring the impacts of uncertainty and risk on your business strategies.

Innovation Growth Services – What got you here will not get you there
Monitor Deloitte has an outstanding track record of taking fresh, exciting ideas and turning them into strategies that clients can execute. We work with you to set innovation strategy that brings commercial growth and has a profound impact on your organisation. We are recognized for our ability to take clients through the entire process from the design phase, through to building and ultimately launching innovative strategies in your business.

Profitability management – We measure our success by your success
Monitor Deloitte understands that profitability management is the crux of your business. We provide end-to-end solutions including strategy, execution, technology, and change management to ensure your business stays and grows in profitability.

Actuarial and analytics services – remove ambiguity with strong data
We work to solve clients’ complex problems by applying deep and thorough analytics services. This allows you to remove any ambiguity and find the accurate and important dynamics in your business. Through detailed analytics, we are able to explore exactly where your business is struggling, how it is positioned and ways in which you can elevate it to the next level.

Economic development and competitiveness – what are your engines for growth in Africa?
Our work with African Governments, NGO’s and Foundations allows us to position these entities in the best way possible to raise capital and unlock the real potential in their sector. We will work with you to identify solutions to many of the issues you may face, such as power and water security, health care, infrastructure needs and service delivery.

How we do it

Our approach: In partnership with our clients we start our work by listening first. Our approach is both philosophical and pragmatic. We have strong confidence in our over 30 years of experience and collaborate with you to deliver meaningful solutions to your complex issues. We want to share in your success but understand that this means sharing the challenges and risks that you face too. After thorough and detailed research and analytics we then start to seek creative and innovative ways to generate your strategy, ensuring that we develop an integrated solution that delivers.

Our people: The quality and caliber of the Monitor Deloitte team is exceptional and we consistently deliver on our people promise. Each person is unique and valued for being amongst the best and brightest in their discipline. We deliver real value through our people, who have a combination of deep expertise and analytical skill, energy, proven methodology, innovation and a verve to change the world. They will bring global expertise to your business, but will also have a sharp understanding of the importance of the local context and landscape in which your organisation operates.

What we deliver?

Strategy adds no value if it is not executable. We deliver work that brings you pragmatic answers to complex problems. It will bring the changes, profitability and solutions your organisation needs.

A unique suite of deliverables suited to your organisation could include:
Corporate Strategies, Advantaged Portfolios, Scenario Planning, Growth Plans, Demand Analytics, Value Communications and Framing, Specific Innovation Strategies, Design-Build-Launch Innovation options, New Business concepts, Integrated Growth programmes, Business alignment strategies and Risk Profiles.

Work with us

Working with Monitor Deloitte you will be encouraged to collaborate with us as we think innovatively about the future of your business. We proudly differentiate ourselves on our agility, courage, unique blend of wisdom and energy, understanding of African issues and extraordinary skill in the discipline of strategy.

To grow with confidence, organisations need to make clear choices about where to play and how to win. In a world where the pace of change is rapid and sometimes unexpected, leaders need to act nimbly, and decisively. Monitor Deloitte strategy consultants employ cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry expertise, working with leaders across the globe to resolve critical choices, and drive enterprise value.

Join us in bringing strategic and sustainable solutions to your business.

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