Public Financial Management

It is often said government should treat citizens the way businesses treat customers. But when it comes to customers, businesses have it relatively easy. They pick and choose which customers to serve, lavishing attention on those that are profitable and using a one-size-fits-all approach for the rest.

Governments don’t have that luxury. They must serve every citizen, providing essential services that in many cases would never survive in the private sector. Helping those who need it most. Protecting privacy and rights. Providing security and defense. All the while balancing a complex mix of conflicting demands from a diverse constituency and in the face of unmatched public scrutiny.

In the private sector, the bottom line is shareholder value. In government, the objectives can be harder to pinpoint - clouded by political considerations, varying interests, and uncertain economics. But in the end, the basic goals are the same: making efficient use of taxpayers’ money. Striving for continuous improvement and delivering maximum value for citizens and communities.

Deloitte as an African firm has full appreciation of the challenges that African governments face,and is well positioned to partner with governments in addressing them. We hence offer support on matters from Outsourcing to Governance and Anti-Corruption.

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