Monitor Deloitte’s first biennial cost survey

Cost Improvement Practices and Trends

Macroeconomic factors may be having a major impact on cost improvement priorities and actions throughout global markets. To learn what global companies are doing to manage costs, Deloitte surveyed CXOs, executives, and senior management from large and mid-size companies across the Americas, Europe and South Africa.

In South Africa, can companies cut costs and grow simultaneously?

Are you trying to cut costs while growing your business?

If so, you’re in good company. 90 percent of the South African company executives that participated in our first biennial survey of cost improvement practices and trends say their companies plan to cut costs even if revenues grow. We call this cost/growth paradox “thriving in uncertainty” – and it might be a permanent reality for businesses in the future.

The survey also showed that 73 percent of cost management programs by South Africa respondents are currently failing to achieve their targets – significantly higher than European respondents at 57 percent.

  • Why is our failure rate so high? Historically poor execution and programme architecture. 
  • What can companies do to meet or beat their increasingly aggressive cost targets? 
  • And is it really possible to achieve aggressive growth and aggressive cost reduction at the same time?

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How can Deloitte help?

Monitor Deloitte will use these insights to create a tactical cost reduction programme for your organisation and to assist you with challenges faced.


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