Getting your African market entry strategy right

How to enter African markets with confidence

Many global companies want to set up or expand their operations in Africa to participate in the rapid growth that the region is enjoying. But Africa is fragmented and complex, underscoring the need for experienced guidance in selecting priority markets and designing how best to enter them.

How to enter African markets with confidence

Understanding your need:

The growth miracle in Sub-Saharan Africa continues to catch the attention of multinational companies around the world. But actually setting up operations in Africa is challenging, whether you are trying to identify the markets that offer your company the most realisable potential, or looking for the best operational structure in the markets you have selected. In Africa, as in many emerging markets, relationships and well-established networks on the ground are crucial success factors. 

Helping you to win:

Leveraging decades of experience in Africa, unparalleled access to key stakeholders across Africa, and a long track-record of successfully assisting companies to enter and win in Africa, Monitor Deloitte is positioned to help clients navigate the challenges of successfully entering African markets. Deloitte’s footprint in Africa gives our clients a special advantage: the benefit of world-class consulting expertise blended with unparalleled local knowledge and experience.

Industry-neutral methodology yields custom solutions:

Consumer goods companies, financial services firms, technology companies and healthcare corporations share common ground when it comes to needing an end-to-end solution that enables them to identify which African markets to enter, and how to enter them. Monitor Deloitte offers an industry-neutral tried and tested methodology that has been implemented successfully for numerous clients, providing each of them with executable company-specific solutions for entering African markets. 

End-to-end services:

• Define your goals and aspirations in Africa

• Discern which countries, product categories and customer segments to focus on

• Determine how to enter or expand in short-listed markets

• Decide on the capabilities, structures and business models you need to succeed

Clients also have the option of leveraging Deloitte’s Execution Support Services to help them implement their “Go to Market” Playbook.