Maximising business value with Portfolio Optimisation

Capital Portfolio Optimisation uses the efficient frontier methodology to determine the optimal portfolio of projects that will maximise value to the business given limited resources and existing business constraints.

Capital Portfolio Optimisation

The aim of Capital Portfolio Optimisation is to provide you with a view of your optimal capital project portfolio in an environment with existing physical constraints and limited available capital. Using the efficient frontier methodology to determine an optimal portfolio for different funding levels.

This can be used

  1. Determine a new portfolio which will require less capital, but be able to achieve similar business value when compared to the existing portfolio.
  2. Determine a new portfolio which will increase the value realised by the business, with the same existing capital funding available.

The Deloitte Portfolio Optimisation Tool is customised to meet your exact business requirements by modelling in all system, market and environmental constraints, and incorporating your business specific view on value, including quantitative and qualitative factors. It is capable of determining a portfolio which will maximise the defined value whilst including any mandated projects, considering all project dependencies and deciding between different project versions. Project timing and movements are analysed to determine optimal start dates. 

Sensitivities and risks of individual projects are highlighted to allow for tighter control measures to be placed on critical projects within your portfolio. Projects that are excluded from the optimal portfolio are highlighted with reasons as which constraints were breached, to allow for further investigation and potential project or system improvements.