Providing achievable solutions to complex project challenges

Providing certainty on time, cost and quality

Deloitte’s Capital Project Advisory Practice assists Owners, Developers, and Contractors in the Infratsructure and Built Environment Industry with a full range of techincal and non-technical solutions that focus on maximising returns on investement and mitigating risk

Capital Project Advisory

Deloitte's Capital Projects Advisory Practice assists Owners, Operators, Developers, and Contractors in the Infrastructure and Built Environment Industry to enhance the performance of the capital project porfolios across the development lifecycle. 

Many of our clients (in a variety of capital intensive sectors - incl. Energy & Resources, Infrastructure, Transport, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Consumer Business, Healthcare, Education, etc.) invest substantial sums in their capital projects and programmes. These developments are usually complex because each one is unique with multi-dimensional challenges, often under significant pressure relating to value, cost, time, quality, and public scrutiny. Developing, operating, and maintaining these assets safely and efficiently is at the very heart of our Clients' businesses, so getting capital projects right can be a significant source of competitive advantage.

Deloitte has a market-leading capital projects team that has helped many well-known International organisations improve the performance of their capital projects.  CPA's approach to capital project planning and delivery is based on harnessing the power of leading global industry practise through an expert Team of industry qualified practitioners i.e. Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, and Project Controls Specialists to develop tailor-made solutions that provide certainty in delivery, competitive advantage, and guarantee success.   

Our core service offering includes:

- Strategic Options Analysis & Business Planning
- Business Case & Feasibility Study
- Target Operating Model
- Commercial & Contract Management
- Advanced Project Controls and Analytics
- Operational Readiness
- Human Capital & Capability Enhancement
- Technology & Information Management
- Health-checks & Assurance