Accelerating economic growth in Africa

Strategies for improved competitiveness

Monitor Deloitte’s Economic Development and Competitiveness Practice assists governments, parastatals, development partners and foundations to develop and execute strategies which accelerate economic growth as well as country competitiveness.

Economic Development Competitiveness

Deloitte's approach to enabling economic growth is based on the concepts of competitiveness and productivity, building heavily from Monitor co-founder, Michael Porter’s Theory of Competitive Advantage and the Competitive Advantage of Nations. The Deloitte practice effectively develops a theory of change, which translates into a theory of action

Monitor Deloitte's competitiveness strategies can be developed for countries, regions or municipalities, and can be cross-sectoral or industry-specific.

Our service offering includes:

- Defining a competitive economic growth strategy

- Enabling cluster development

- Improving the business environment

- Promoting value chain efficiency

- Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

- Fostering entrepreneurship

- Addressing poverty through Bottom of the Pyramid strategies

- Understanding and engaging constituencies

- Designing and launching institutions for growth

- Ensuring institutional performance

- Building human capacity