Infrastructure& Capital Projects

Our infrastructure and capital projects professionals have practical experience in nearly every aspect of the capital projects lifecycle

Deloitte is positioned to assist donor agencies by providing leaders with tools to address critical issues and challenges impacting government or country performance, economic competitiveness and citizen service. Influential government organisations currently benefit from Deloitte’s deep industry expertise, breadth of services, and presence in Africa.

We bring specialised skills working across sectors, geographies and stages of the infrastructure life cycle, from developing financing innovations to enhancing delivery capability in public institutions and the private sector supply chain core infrastructure and capital projects.

Our network of Deloitte member firms help facilitate constructive collaboration between governments, donors and development agencies and private sector funders and project sponsors from experience working with:

• Government ministries and public institutions.

• Donor and development agencies, including bilateral donors and multilateral development banks.

• Major project developers and private sector market participants.

• Private sector infrastructure funders.